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Meet the band

Black IN White

Genevieve De'Souza

Genevieve, with her beautiful voice and charming personality is guaranteed to make any and every kind of audience swoon. Her skilful stage moves and effortless singing makes it look so easy though her performance few, if any, can match. Her unlimited energy not only gets the band moving, but sways the entire crowd to her favour. Her powerful elegant mezzo-soprano range defines her voice through any mix. Her experience is a vast ocean, with a professional musical career that began at the age of twelve when she took to the studio and has never looked back ever since. The powerhouse and charm of Black In White, her positive energy is what keeps the band energetic and on their toes. With a powerful voice, toxic moves that can kill, and captivating charms, this glamorous Vixen has got it all.

Genevieve mathias black in white goa bol

Noel Rosh

Noel Rosh is the core and backbone of Black In White. The driving force, the fire, the mastermind. The entire concept of Black In White was the brainchild of this genius. His innovative ideas and groundbreaking work in the music scene has made him an established and experienced music producer. He is the incognito force behind the band's unique and unadulterated live sound, being one of the best music directors. He revolutionised the entire music production scene, setting the bar really high for music in Goa. The Konkani movie "Fake", the singles "Paplet" and "Rise as one Goa" are just examples of his maze of projects, and his diverse range of skills knows no bounds. Having travelled all over the country as well as internationally, he is one of the most experienced Musician and Director on the field. His work on the keyboards is just as intricate and skilful. With an unmatched knowledge in sound and a near pitch perfect ear, Noel Rosh is the wake of a revolution, a force to be reckoned with.

Christoffer Daniel

Christoffer Daniel is Black In White's Ax bearer, going into battle with his 6 strings. This "Ninja" with his soulful playing and wild hair is a melody machine, crunching out solos at the speed of light. Chris brings his own set of colours to the mix, heavily influenced by Chinese, Persian, Japanese, African and Indian classical music. A grade 8 guitarist, Chris' guitaring is a complex fusion of the most unlikely elements. Having his original compositions which are highly technical in nature. He is overly fond of odd time signatures, poly-rhythms and complex techniques. Chris is also a poet, writer, lyricist and composer. This enigmatic madman and eccentric playing adds a new colour to the band's sound. Black In White's Soulking is ever present to take the stage and weave magic and cast a spell on you with his trademark Ghostfret .


EDM Gomes

EDM Gomes brings spunk and funk to the table. With his groves and moves on the bass this guy can slap the life into any song and tune, adding a completely different and yet easily recognisable vitality to the Black In White sound. Known for his unique playing which fuses a myriad of techniques together, EDM is exploding with expertise and experience on the Bass. His unique taste in music and acute sense of melodies, with influences from modern Pop, Metal, Alterative Rock and many other genre of music sets him apart. His performance and cheerful aura would lighten up any scene. EDM is also a composer, music producer and lyricist of his own class, especially known for his singles "Tiki-taka " and "Kaliz Mojem". In his hands the bass is a band of its own. Punchy grooves, funky slap lines, popping rhythms, there's no music on this planet that he cannot play on his bass. You want a  solo? He's got that too.


Leroy pereira

Leroy is that pounding resounding energy that resonates through every song and performance of Black In White. The youngest member the band, Leroy and his thunderous commanding drumming is a testament of its own. His articulate rhythm can make every pair of feet tap to the beat irrespective of the music. This skilled Master of drums is one of the newest breakout stars in the music scene. Armed with only a pair of sticks, Black In White's Pacekeeper started his extraordinary musical journey at an unimaginable age of 6. Not only is he one of Goa's favourite drummer boy, but also an established drum instructor and teacher. When it comes to performing and showmanship, Leroy is at the fore-front of the battle. With his long hair and blazing drumstick flips, Black In White's very own Drumlord is going to make sure every one's got their dancing shoes on.

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