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Black IN White-The Genesis(The story of Black IN White part1)

Updated: May 19, 2020

Black in white :- The Genesis - I

The question on every body's mind :- from where did this thunder strike? From seemingly out of nowhere erupted a volcano of musicality that overtaken and enveloped the Goan stage, creating waves all over the country.

Black In White, becoming one of the best and most talked about bands all over India, took the stage by storm. How did it all begin? Black In White has an amazing story to tell.

The sun, the sea, Goa is the place to be. This colourful land has a calling for every one. Known especially for its beautiful beaches, parties, and most of all, an ever thriving music scene. With no lack of bands and independent artists, Goa is a haven for music lovers all over the world. But what may seem attractive to the common eye may be a struggle for survival on the other side. With Goan wedding band "Headlines" being active in the scene for more than 20 years, members kept changing until the band eventually met its decline. Founder and  Frontman and drummer Mark Revlon, being the only consistent member, along with latest additions bassist EDM Gomes and guitarist Christoffer set out to look for a new keyboardist to renew their musical endeavour. With various replacements and changes they came across what would be arguably the most important moment in the bands history :-Noel Rosh. 

Already a big name in the industry with various projects to his name, Rosh was also looking out for an opportunity to turn a lifelong dream into a reality. Having previously worked with Mark Revlon and producing songs with  him it was only a matter of time before these 2 giants joined forces. But things were easier said than done, as other members were already tired of the bands inconsistencies and were exploring other avenues. The prospect of starting a band seemed far fetched. However, with persistence comes breakthroughs and after fortnights of talks, the four of them decided to give this show one last run. This would be the foundation of what is now known as Black in White.

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