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Take My Hand- Black In White (debut single)

With the release of their newest single "Take my  Hand "  Goa native Rock band Black IN White are once again doing what they do  best :- Creating waves.

Released in  July 2020, this powerful Pop-rock love ballad has quickly garnered accolades from the masses and become a staple of modern Indian music. Black in White is Goa's first band to have achieved a milestone of reaching one lakh views in less than 7 days.

The song "take my hand" is a beautiful original that captures the emotion every lover feels. Hope, faith, the  happiness and joy of being in love,and most of all, a love that never fades. Through fire and ice, trials and tribulations, true love always finds a way to overcome any obstacle and this is exactly what the song signifies. The lyrics of the song are powerful , compelling and pure emanating a warm vibe that would even brighten a cloudy day.

The song came about after the band finally got time on their hands owing to the corona lockdown and decided to put together their energies and finally follow their passion of doing music that they create, with each member bringing in a vital element into the mix.

Released amidst the chaos of the Corona pandemic, Black In White's single is a breath of fresh air that everyone's been hoping for . The song is entirely composed and written collectively by members of Black IN White and brought to life with their music. The charm of Black In White, frontwoman Genny's iconic powerful vocals project the song to  soaring heights as effortlessly as ever, as well as being one of the primary songwriters along with Chris. Rosh's elegant and ambient playing shines in this song with every note precisely picked and placed. Leroy's delicate drumming and EDM with his soulful bass adds vital elements that make the song warm and pleasing and powerful at the same time. Chris adds the finishing touches to the masterpiece with his articulate soaring solo.

Rumour has it that the band is working on more songs and the musical world and fans of the band are eagerly looking forward to the next release from them. 

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